“Ms. Pearson’s passion for teaching and mathematics resulted in me understanding the subject and giving me results better than I ever thought I would get. She constantly found new ways to inspire her students and brightened up the classroom every time she entered. She remains one of the most influential people that I had the luck to be taught by in my secondary education. Her teachings of using numbers for analysis inspired me to pursue a career in Revenue Management.”

Grace T (Past Pupil @ Repton School Dubai now employed with Alila Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur) – Jan 20

“Kim is a very patient and caring person who helped and supported me through the hardest two years of my life. I could not have passed my first two years in England without her. She is generous and selfless with her time and effort and would always offer me catch up revision sessions or any kind of pastoral support during her free time, including how best to get on with my host family to which university will be the best for me. I always asked her for help no matter if it was about academics or life. She is also an inspiring, wise and strong woman who gave me a lot of valuable life guidance and advice. Kim is an outstanding teacher and has vast knowledge on all aspects of the A Level Biology and Chemistry curriculum.”

Charlotte K (Student: 2nd year Electrical & Electronic Engineering at University of Warwick, UK) – Jan 20

Jane was highly recommended to us by my brother after tutoring our niece. She began tutoring our daughter Sophie around Easter time of Primary 6, in preparation for the transfer tests taken in November later that year. We all knew from the first session that her influence would be extremely beneficial to Sophie. Initially Jane took time to get to know Sophie – as well as her learning styles and academic strengths/ weaknesses, Jane was equally interested in learning about Sophie’s passions, hobbies and personality. This allowed them to form a great rapport and Sophie always looked forward to her sessions with Jane.

Jane was always extremely caring and professional, knowing exactly when Sophie was feeling overwhelmed or lacking focus; and was easily able to adapt their sessions accordingly if needed. We felt that Jane really boosted Sophie’s confidence in her own ability which was essentially all she needed over this stressful time. Jane’s general nature, patience and teaching qualities are admirable and simply something that myself and my husband could not have provided consistently to Sophie in the time prior to the tests.

We firmly believe that Jane’s input gave Sophie the self-assurance to reach her full potential; she scored well in both transfer tests and more importantly is happy and managing very well academically in the Grammar school of her choice. Kelly J

Without Jane being my tutor, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish so much and get into the school I wanted. She has some great techniques for teaching, and she has a lovely personality. She makes teaching fun, but she also gets the work done! I loved having conversations with her, she would always listen to what I had to say. I would really recommend getting Jane to be your tutor! Sophie J

Beverly L (Parent) – Sep 17

“Jill tutored my son during his first year at senior school, helping him to make the difficult transition from junior school maths to senior school maths. Jill was a terrific tutor, taking time and patience to explain maths in a kind and engaging manner, injecting humour and keeping him focused on the tasks. My son improved significantly during the year due to her guidance and support. I have no hesitation in recommending Jill as a tutor, she has a genuine interest and desire to help children succeed at maths and a talent at making difficult topics appear easy.”

Steve M (Parent) – Jan 20

“My son had been having problems with maths in Year 8. He performed well in his transfer test in P7, but found the step up to more complex mathematics very challenging. After his first term in senior school he achieved 67% in his Christmas exam. His teacher informed me at Parent/Teacher interviews that he was struggling with the subject and would benefit from some extra help. We approached Jill about doing some short sessions with Mick. Mick has Aspergers and short sessions suit him better. Mick attended for two sessions with Jill which was all it took to get Mick back up to speed with his classmates. At the end of Year 8 Mick achieved 84% in his Summer exam which was very pleasing. I found Jill to be extremely professional in her manner, whilst also being friendly and approachable, which was important for Mick. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jill for further tutoring work.” Mick said “Jill was very nice. She makes things easy to understand and shows you good ways of doing the sums. She really helped me”

Nicola (Parent) and Freddie (Student) Parker – May 2020

Jane has been a tutor for my son Freddie throughout 2 years of his Key Stage 2 schooling. Freddie is a very bright boy but had struggled from the early days at school with his numeracy. Jane tutored Freddie on a weekly basis for an hour and he thoroughly enjoyed her visits. It’s suffice to say that he would be annoyed if she could not come and he even wanted her to come to tutor him over school holidays! From the very onset the improvement in Freddie’s numeracy work was apparent both at home with homework and in his day to day school work and school reports. A very noticeable change was in the confidence that it gave Freddie to tackle a question that he would previously have not attempted as he had now gained an understanding of how to manipulate numbers from the very basic to the more completed tasks as he moved from P4 to P5. Jane has played a key role in helping Freddie get to where he is now and he is able to work confidently now along side the others within his class to complete all work independently whereas before he would have had to have had one on one or extra help most days. I would highly recommend Jane in her ability to engage in conversation with young children whilst maintaining the teaching and their work and also striking the balance of being a great teacher but also the child’s good friend too.

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