Why learn online?

Convenience……..Flexibility……….Cost effective

Students only need a computer and internet access to take online lessons. This means that they can access lessons in the privacy and comfort of their own surroundings.

Students can arrange lessons as when they need them rather than requiring to be committed to a set time, date and place.

Students can easily send private messages or emails to their tutor leaving them feeling much more supported and connected in their learning.

Whatever your individual circumstances, one to one focused support or small group support can provide you with the extra dimension you need to succeed.

Your tutor will be able to focus on your needs alone.  Lessons and material can also be designed specifically for individual needs. For those students who find the ‘normal’ school classroom challenging, online lessons may feel less intimidating.

Online learning allows individuals to move through lessons at their own individual pace, whether fast or slow, in order to come away with the same knowledge as their peers. It also helps those with shorter or longer attention spans to stop or start lessons whenever they like.

“It also helps to open up the value of lesson recording and therefore material can be revisited as many times as a student needs to ensure that they understand the material covered completely.”

By not having to physically attend classes you can eliminate costs of transportation and wasted time travelling to and fro from lessons and also the charges that may be incurred for a home visiting tutor.

Being able to make appointments as and when you need support eliminates the need to have to be committed to a fixed schedule.

To get started simply send a message via info@learningcurvetutors.co.uk and request a free trial lesson.

This allows you the opportunity to meet your tutor and discuss tutoring requirements, ask questions and experience what an online lesson would be like.

You can register via The Tutor Room and all you need is a computer with a webcam.

KS2/3: £30 per session.

KS4: £40 per session.

KS5: £50 per session.

Small group lessons can also be arranged, maximum 3 students, to help lower your costs.

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